Call for Papers

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PlatCon-21 will be the seven event of the PlatCon conference series which is hosted and organized by the Institution of Creative Research Professionals (ICRP), and this year event is technically cosponsored by IEEE Busan section and IEEE Kwangju section. This conference will be one of most comprehensive conferences in the field of Platform Technology (PT). The main focus of PlatCon-21 is various PT research issues, but also its coverage can be extended to a wide spectrum of topics related to Computer Science and ICT platforms and their service domains. And PlatCon-21 would be a professional and informative forum for scientists, engineers, experts, professors, and students in the areas of Computer Science, Information Technology, Computing Technology, Communication & Network, HCI, Business & Management, Intelligent System, Cyber security, Industrial Security, Cyber Physical System, Education Technology, IT-based convergence research fields, and also in multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary research fields of them.

During the last decade, many countries have adopted in recent years roadmap for developing the future infrastructure in emerging platform technology areas such as automobile, big data processing technology, biotechnology, nanotechnology, grid computing and ICT (Information and Communication Technology). Our special interest lies in both theoretical and practical research contributions presenting new techniques, concepts, or analysis, reports on experiences and experiments of implementation and application of theories, and tutorials on new technologies and trends in various platforms/services areas and in all relevant scientific/engineering areas.

The PlatCon-21 is the next event, in a series of highly successful International Conference on Platform Technology and Service, previously held as PlatCon-19 (Jeju, Korea, Jan. 2019), PlatCon-18 (Jeju, Korea, Jan. 2018), PlatCon-17 (Busan, Korea, Feb. 2017), PlatCon-16 (Jeju, Korea, Feb. 2016), PlatCon-15 (Jeju, Korea, Jan. 2015), and PlatCon-14 (Jeju, Korea, Feb. 2014).

Conference Topics

Potential authors are invited to submit original, unpublished research articles, and on-going research papers, and also some invited articles, in all areas related to the platform technologies including, but not limited to, the following suggested topics:
PlatCon-21 covers all Computer Science and ICT areas with their convergence topics
  • Computing Platform

    • Computing theory
    • Computer architecture
    • Grid and cloud computing and systems
    • Distributed and parallel computing systems
    • Embedded computing and systems
    • Fault-tolerant computing and systems
    • Ubiquitous computing and systems
    • Operation systems
    • Secure OS and Trust OS
  • Networking Platform

    • Ad hoc and sensor network platform
    • Broadband communication platform
    • Microwave communication platform
    • Mobile and wireless platform
    • Satellite communication platform
    • Smart home and M2M (machine to machine) network
    • System and network management and troubleshooting
    • Vehicular communication platform
    • Software defined network
  • Smart Human & Media Platform

    • Game platform
    • Interaction and HCI
    • Media art convergence
    • Multimedia platform
    • Scientific and big data visualization platform
    • Smart UI/UX platform
    • Virtual and augmented reality
    • E-Learning & U-Learning platform
    • Web platform
    • Artificial intelligence platform
    • Automobile platform
    • Big data platform
    • Semantic web technology platform
  • Convergence Platform

    • Business service platform
    • Business management and intelligence
    • Internet of things
    • Service innovation and entrepreneurship
    • Service oriented computing and applications
    • Social networks
    • Security and privacy issues in emerging platforms
    • Convergence security
    • Cyber security and digital forensics
    • Smart grid and its security
    • Financial platform